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Price for bagging lawns?


LawnSite Silver Member
If you guys bag, do you charge per catch with the bagger or do you just add on 10 dollars.Or do you charge say 3 dollars per bagger catch. I have a customer that just wants his front bagged. Says we are causing weeds to grow from the neighbors yard. I belive it is sedgeweed. I don't bag any lawns at all untill leaf season and then that is added in as part of work being done on the hourly charge.




LawnSite Senior Member
Holland, MI
I bag all lawns unless the customer tells me not to. It does take more time, but it looks a lot cleaner and doesn't really cost that much more to do. Just a little more time. I know a lot of people mulch, but any mulching i've done has alwayed led to clumps. But depending on the size of the front yard i would probably charge an extra $5 to $10. Doing a little extra to keep the customer happy is always worth the hassel.