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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by grassman50, Nov 12, 2001.

  1. grassman50

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    Hi, this weekend I did a cleanup for this lady that i usually mow for. I am wondering if i charged her the right amount or not?? It took me and another guy a hour and ten minutes to complete. The property size was probably 1/2 - 3/4 acre and had leaves on the grass and in the beds. I blew out all the leaves out of the beds and mulched everything. Lawn looked very nice when i was done considering how many leaves i mulched. I had a 60 ztr and a 54 walk behind mulching them. I charged her $100.00 for the cleanup, and like i said, took about 1 hr. 10 minutes. But would have took a good day or two for her to rake everything by hand. Let me know your thoughts. thanks.
  2. TGCummings

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    Well, you charged her $43/man hour. Is that enough to cover your expenses and reap an acceptable profit? Is it in line with what you charge on other, similar work?

    Thomas Cummings
    Cummings Lawn & Garden
  3. Comet

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    Thats Jr High- High School age prices if anything
    You in school still?
  4. grassman50

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    JR. High?? I thought that $100.00 was ok i guess. Just wasnt sure. In junior high I was happy I was happy to rake a yard for $50.00 bucks that took me all day!!
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    Just out of curiosity Thom, how much are you able to charge for a laborer just hand raking leaves or running a mower in the fall???

    Im not talking about landscaping, shearing and/or pruning that takes expertise, but just throwing any yard ape behind them and turning them loose. how much are your clients willing to pay you for what any hs or college kid can and will do for beer money???

    Im just curious. :D
  6. Runner

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    $100 sounds like you made out rather well, especially considering 1. She is a regular (take care of loyalty) and 2. She is a Senior.:) There's a bonus, too. How do YOU feel about it?
  7. Comet

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    I read your post incorrectly with the time span, along asuming you was an adult 50 yrs old also,, my mistake

    I OVERlooked the 1 hr 10 min.... sorry,,
    I thought you spent a day there doing it for $100

    Keep up the good work,
  8. yardsmith

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    I'm glad you reposted Thom; I was beginning to think I missed something. $43 a man hour is less than the best I've ever done, but that isn't no slouch either!
  9. Jarred's Lawn Care

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    I am a college student and i was in the same situation you were, but I charged $125 for the same size lawn. It took me about 1 hour from start to finish by myself. I am glad that are prices around the same amount. But she said I'm worth it so thats good news. Oh yeah I also got a bag of candy out of it. Hersey's mixed bag of candy bars if anyone cares!

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