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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by bobbygedd, Mar 2, 2004.

  1. J&R

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    I got 2500 one side black print on bright green for 210.00
  2. sildoc

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  3. DFW Area Landscaper

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    I just ordered 20,000 one sided full color, glossy print from Total cost, with shipping, is $1,329.00. No sales tax because I'm out of state.

    I called two of his references and both were very happy with his product.

    I got five quotes on this and this guy was the second lowest bidder. The low bidder was $980.00, but that guy later learned that his sub-contractor was no longer cutting door knob holes as cheap as he had in the past so he retracted his offer. The bids were all over the place, with the high end being $19xx.xx, plus freight.

    DFW Area Landscaper
  4. WellMowMeDown

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    I just had 5000 2 color 1 sided doorhangers printed for $199.00. The name of the company is Fast turn around, free shipping and the quality was actually very nice. Check it out.
  5. bobbygedd

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    too late, ordered already from sos products. got 5000 doorhangers, black ink on yellow paper, delivered for $230. great deal, thanx for the info.
  6. btbej

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    Just ordered 2000 blank ones for $18 per thousand. I will print them myself and leave a space at the bottom for a tear off coupon. Go to and type in door hanger and you will get a few companies with great pricing...there was one company for $199 you could get 5000 color one side...seems like a great deal.
  7. promower

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    I got 5000 double sided, glossy on one side, and design for $350 at postcardwarehouse

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