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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by cdsport, Apr 16, 2008.

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    I would like to know if I am in the ball park for a field stone wall. There are 2 separate walls.

    1. this is a rebuild it is pushing out. 40' long 2 feet deep. left side is 2 feet high down to 1 foot high. Approx 120 SF to take apart & rebuild to put drainage behind.Its near a drive way to help drain the water away . Also need 3 new 23 1/2 square diamond cut 1 inch thick for the top , the other 3 are cracked. These are cement on top to level out across the top of the wall. This is just a rebuild of a part of the wall.
    With this I would need room to for the skid steer to dig up the dirt to haul out to put the gravel in as a i build etc.. $17 SF = $2,040 be to high or low? the cost for me would be stone $40 plus my gas & deliver fee, pipe $40 , fabric abotu $40 & my skid, min charge is $375 min 5 hour charge $15 bags of cement $60 & my fuel I use is my cost in this.

    What would a price be? am in the ball park?

    2. This i have 3 pics first 2 pics view from the left & the 3rd from the right.

    edit image where walls would be

    2 tiers
    from where the RxR ties are the one would be 2' & the anotehr 2'
    both would be 2' high exposed then back filled.
    of course the dirt in the way can be scrapped back for fill in the second tier.

    total length 26'
    sides left start from the top & taper down & extend past to about 8' total in length, Right side about 2 long.. just to blend the to walls toget in between them.
    each wall would be 1' thick 2'high exposed area

    the drive way above which is where the rail road ties are.. can be dug from above with a machine for the drainage stone etc. All the water from the driveway runs down into it..drain will run to the 8' wall slant to drain off to the side of the house. once filled there are rocks softball size there (u see in the pic) to be used on top of fill behind walls.
    exposed wall area only is 120 SF = 6 pallets of field stone
    $900 6 pallets plus delivery for pallets
    $300 for 2 more pallets for wall not seen base in dirt & sides
    $180 for 3/4 stone for drainage & fill
    $50 for drainage pipe
    equipment compactor, skid & back hoe atachement
    then time to get items , load travel etc.

    thank you for your time & response. Im tryin to stay accurate with price for quality work , which I wont do anything less. I have been coming up against a lot of low ballers who skip step like no fabric , pipes etc,, sorry but I cant do a half arse job.

    thank you
    New Look Designs
    construciton - landscape -light excavation
    location NEPA & NY

    Web site of a home owner of work I have done on 3 house of his

    dodge 2500 Diesel
    JD 350 4 in 1
    JD 350 6 way dozer
    New holland 885 skid
    GMC 3500 HD 12 dump
    89 For E-350 cube van
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    It's hard to say. Don't know what your OH costs as well as, how much profit you are looking to make. I don't do SF pricing. I charge by the job.
  3. cdsport

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    My over head is only my labor I pay my guys $15-20 for the ones who know how & general labor $10.. my skid I own with a $335 payment a month, dump truck I own. So its more just a general idea..

    The reason Im asking square foot, which I can figure out afterwards with a price is the customer asked... since other contractors do it a lto her or a bid & not by the hour..

    Was told general rule of thumb was double material, then add 20% for overhead & profit. thank you
  4. Meezer

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    You're asking for pricing help but not giving enough info. With regards to overhead there were several things noticeably missing:





    Workers Compensation insurance premium payment of $__ for____ employess
  5. cdsport

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    Permits- none needed

    Licensing - none needed

    Insurance - $500 per year business 3 million protection, equipment $1,000 year

    Bonds - none needed

    Workers Compensation insurance premium payment of $__ for____ employess

    I pay cash or 1099 sub contract

    background in landscaping commercial state/ federal wet land projects etc. work for myself now, trying to get the pricing correct for residential etc. state & fed pay wages u never get at this level..

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