price for leaf clean up.

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by northeastpropertymgmt, Nov 22, 2005.

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    i am just starting out firsts year in bussnes and doing leafe clean up. i am doing an estement on a neabors yard probly 8 to 12,000 squer feet. not 2 many beds i think there were 5. he started raking them and then saw me and asked if i would do it for him just wondering howmuch to charge. i will be using a 32 inch walk behing with a grass gobbler,echopb403 blower and a honda 21inch mower. i have a trailer for a ride on trakter with a vac and a place to dump the leaves. how long and how much to charg please help.
  2. sicklid

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    Not trying to be an jerk but did you know there is a spell check function on this forum? :)
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    just enough to pay for spelling school
  4. prizeprop

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    Good advise, use it. (an jerk or a jerk)
  5. hartmas

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    A good method to go by is the amount of time you spend on the job. Another good one is how many barrels of leaves are you taking out of the yard?
    As for me I charge $35.00 dollars an hour for leaf cleanup and removal. So an average size yard 40 X 120 would cost about 70-80 dollars considering it takes two hours. I use my ZTR or my walkbehind and mulch them up once, then I come around with the bagger and pick them up. I generally will charge my regular customers a little less for leaf cleanup because I have their business and their money throughout the whole year. You don't want to "stick" it to your bread and butter customers for leaf cleanup if your getting 30 dollars a mow 4 times/month throughout the year. On the other hand if someone just flags you down and is NOT a regular customer then you should tend not to be as lenient with them on the price. Because the chances are great that that person ONLY wants you to clean up the leaves and may not pay you much and will not ask you for mowing service next season. Pick you jobs wisely and try to be a good judge of character to make sure you are going to make what you deserve on the job site. Don't bust your butt for 5 hours and walk away with 30 dollars just because you think they MIGHT hire you on full time to mow.
    I hope this helps, good luck in your business and remember there is no limit to your success and your income potential. Have a good holiday season.
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    crap I should practice what I preach huh:eek:
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    sorry bout the spelling i suck at it. thanks for the advise hartmas
  8. Joey bag a' donuts

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    we charge $25 a man hour, 3 guys is $75 an hour and $50 to dump. Even this price meathod is rather lowballer esq. Some guys charge $40 a man hr. and get it...guess it depends on how much you think your worth.
  9. yrdandgardenhandyman

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    This is old hat but watch out for the one timers. I had one just today who called and asked for a cleanup. This ladies husband called and said that they made the mistake of letting the leaves sit on the ground all winter last year and it was a mess by spring. The lawn was a $75.00 cleanup because of the fact they only wanted the beds blown out and those leaves picked up. At least an 8 ft pickup box full, chopped. The rest of the lawn would not be done.
    When I arrived to give an estimate I was met by the mans wife. She said her husband left for a bit and she wanted to know what I'd charge. When I told her $75.00 she looked shocked and asked me why they got it done last year for $40.00. (heard this before :dizzy: ) I told her that I was sure I didn't know because it wasn't me. I then asked her why she didn't get that guy again this year (knowing she was bluffing because of what her husband told me). She gave me a confused look and then stammered that he wasn't doing cleanups anymore. I told her that it was probably because he found out that it was a lot of work and not worth it for $40.00 and that he was probably losing money on the deal.
    She just said, "Well, I need to speak to Gerald about this and I'll call you." Haven't heard from them yet.
    I just said thanks and goodbye and drove to the other 3 good paying cleanups I had scheduled.(cleared over $600.00 profit on those 3)
    Remember, you can sit at home and be broke. You don't need to bust your buns to be broke.payup
  10. Hard Worker

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    I estimate how long it would take me to mow, taking into consideration the amount of trees, and triple my mowing cost. That includes dumping leaves if needed.

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