Price for less than acre and acre price.

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Integritylawncare, Apr 14, 2008.

  1. Integritylawncare

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    I'm looking at picking up some properties for a mortgage company. The person I've been working with asked me for my less than acre price (city lot) and my acre price.
    I have not heard of this before is it unusual, sounds like I can get burned.
    What are some of your prices if you look at them this way?
    Thanks in advance.
  2. wheels910

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    I'd tell them you'll be happy to estimate any property they want serviced.

    You don't mow by the acre or half acre, so don't bid by it either.

    Every property is different, depending on where it fits on your route, obstacles, etc.

    Good Luck
  3. JNyz

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    I agree with Wheels.
  4. DAR57

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    Integrity, if you have some questions maybe I can help you out. Have done those for a few years. If you want give me a call on my cell 419-680-6277

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