price for planting exspensive plants/trees?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by fga, May 12, 2004.

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    Alot of guys use a formula price of materials = labor cost.

    As far as planting goes, I use this formula for most plants within a price range that varies. If i buy 3 holly's and spend $25 each, 75 material, 75 labor 150 total job.
    But is ther a formula for a plant/tree when the plant costs $100 + $$$? I was looking at a Blue Atlas the other day, price was $750 for the tree. I think if i came up with a estimate of 1500 to buy and plant one tree, they'd say i was crazy. How would you price it? By the hour is tough cuz you have to gaurantee the plant, and charge accordingly.
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    you can go price of plant + anywhere from 70-120%. depends on what your warranty is and what the plant is. usually threadleaf jap maples, dogwood, rhodo, azalea, etc. are not warrantied because of problems growing them here in Indianapolis. so you might only charge +60-70%. but when you have to replace up to 2 years possibly, you need to charge from 100-120%. the warrant is usually what people like but you have to be a stickler and have it iron clad. toooooo much money is lost to replacements due to buyer negligence.
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    We usually mark up our plants 100% since we buy wholesale. This is what the customer is charged for the plants.

    As for planting, we know about how long it will take to plant the plants, based on what size they are. We then add up the estimated time, and multiply that times our hourly rate. This procedure (labor) is usually adequate for normal, one or more day jobs. If its 2 shrubs at one house, you can bet we will kick up the labor on it because it's just not efficient to work that way.

    Oh, yeah, CHARGE FOR TRAVEL TIME! With fuel prices climbing, it makes a big difference!

    I posted a month or two ago our estimated planting times. Do a search for "production times" or "planting times", anything along those lines. You should be able to find it.

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    I take the plant, and multiply it by 2.5, thats what i charge. For example, a one gallon plant at 3.50, i charge 8.75. Covers labor and plant. It sounds like you may not be buying your plants wholesale, i reccommend it immediately. I sure hope you aren't buying your plants from home depot or lowes.! Hope that helps

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