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    I own a harley powerrake for a skidsteer. Any thoughts on what I should charge for service. (sq. ft.) or figure out how long & do it by hr.

    I bought it last year & only used it 5 times. I could have used it more but found myself not offering it to other landscapers.. should I ??
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    I own a T-5 for a compact 4X4 tractor, have now for four years - good piece of equipment.
    I gave up trying to figure out a price per square foot, it is all based now on a hourly rate.
    I found out what tractors rent for in my area + delivery+implement use+my expected income per hour then I add a percentage to cover unforseen problems.
    Unless the customer lives on the far side of the moon from me, which in Texas can occur, I usually charge a minimum of $75/hr after a flat $225.00 up-front charge covering the first three hours. Travel time does count.

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