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Price for Thatching


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Manitowoc, WI.
I'm trying to determine what I should charge for thatching, cleanup, & hauling. Calculating my expenses for equipment,( truck, trailer, thatcher, mower ), labor, & profit I come up with $72.00 / Hr or $52.00/ 1000 S.F. How does this look to you guys. Any advice would be appreciated.


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I have noticed that very few people in my area actually want dethatching, or maybe cant afford it. A couple lco's this year have purchased big dethatchers and one of them wants to sell his already. I know that here we just charge like a normal mowing if you have a bagger on the mower. If you have to make two different trips around the yard you almost have to charge them a double mowing to cover time expenses. Hopefully you have a market up there for this kind of service. I wish we did because it is very easy to do.


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Ozark, What kind of thatchers are talking about. I would like to get one that hooks to a three point and runs on a pto.

MJM landscaping

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Gorham, Maine
They are DE thatchers. Used to take the thatch out of the yard. Funniest thing is when someone calls and says can you thatch my yard. I tell them yes but you will probably not like the outcome. You take the thatch away not add to it.

I have a JRCO rake on my Z and a walker dethatcher on the navigator and charge double the price of mowing plus disposal. I also think it is the easiest service to sell.