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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by brentsawyer, Oct 19, 2002.

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    Just finished thatching 4 lawns and it took 40, 39 gallon bags and completely filled my 16' trailer. I looked around on other threads and realized that I would be commiting financial suicide If I charged what others did. Here is what I have invested in this work.

    Rental walk behind thatcher$45
    Bags $15
    Landfill @1.80 per 100lbs haven't been but estimating or charging them as 100lb ea. so $72
    Time 10 hours so far, 1 additional hour to landfill to dump
    (*1 additional hour spent seeding 3 lawns) approx 20 min ea.
    Fuel 40 miles @$.50/mi=$20

    Total expense (variable expenses only)= $152

    Figure I'm going to charge between $12 and $15 per bag. As for charging by the square footage, seems a little dumb since each yard has different amounts or thickness of thatch that were removed. For example, 2K yard had 5 bags removed. 14K had 22 bags. Let me know what you think.

    *Total revenue @$15/ea.=$600 profit $448 $44.80/hr.
    @$12/ea.=$480 profit $328 $32.80/hr.

    *Thatching revenue only

    Both suck, but were done starting Friday afternoon after everything else was finished so they were an added bonus.
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    It doesn't matter how much actual thatch comes out of them, we charge 12 to 15 dollars per m.
  3. I charge $20/M no matter how much thatch comes out of them, or how big the lawn is. Plus about $100 or so to haul off. This runs about $100 an hour to load the truck.

    The slowest part is the Renovators.

    We pick up the thatch with Peco Vac's on the ZTR.s

    We suck the debris from the curb with a Giant Vac 3001

    Our dump is free.
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    You guys get paid to thatch? I've heard of de-thatching, but not actually thatching. lol:D
  5. Runner and I De-Thatch, brentsawyer thatches.;)

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