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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by J.R. Services, Jun 25, 2010.

  1. J.R. Services

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    We recently transplanted 30 7' norway spruces and with the recent lack of rain. The customer would now like a price for watering them once or twice a week from july to the end of august of middle of september. I'm thinking somewhere between 15-25 gallons/tree. We will be using a 225gal tank with a pump. Will have to fill tank at least 3x from a hydrant. I'm thinking 2-3hr for everything?
  2. Hell on Blades

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    2-3 hours for watering???

    I'm thinking $55 per day plus cost of water.
  3. J.R. Services

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    2-3hrs because I have to fill the tank (225gal, not a watering can) 3x-4x and water thirty trees spread over 25-30acres. I dont think 55 will cover it.
  4. Stillwater

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    2 to 3 hrs. standard per-man labor rate + your water truck service fee + your towns hydrant access permit fee if any = your your invoice total
  5. ACA L&L

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    i agree, standard hourly man hour rate+service fee for all equipment used+water cost+any other supplies you will be using. Treat just like any other job on your schedule that you charge for. If you were not watering trees you would be doing another job to pay the bills.
  6. bam

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    purchase the flat brown gator bags, that hold 14 or 20 gallons of water. that way you know exactly how much water you put on the tree.

    30 trees x 20 gallons is 600 gallons of water.

    Alittle less than 3 runs with your tank.

    We are not allowed to fill off hydrants at 98% of our jobs. The municipalities don't allow it. They are against issuing permits. Are you sure they will allow you to tap a hydrant or is the gov't or water company going to shut you down?

    Some of our sites have 2" lines we can fill off. Other times we have to fill off a 3/4" hose bibb.

    So figure out how long it is going to take to load the tank, and get it to your job. Then figure the amount of time to actually water each tree. If you are able to use a gator bag, it should go alot quicker.

    We currently are doing a job that uses over 1400 gallons of water. We carry 900 gallons a trip and it takes us 8-10 man hours each time.

    I think in your case it would be 4 to 5 man hours.
  7. 360ci

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    I agree. $60/hr for base labour providing one guy can do the job himself. Plus tack on a delivery surcharge as hauling a ton of water at a time burns up the fuel. If you can use a hydrant without getting in deep with the local authorities then go for it. Otherwise, filling with a hose will take time.

    If I had a dually with a water tank on the back I'd charge $115/hr with taxes including labour, delivery, cost of water. If you have to go back to use a hose to get water, be sure you estimate your time appropriately. I'd say 5-6 hours if you can't use a hydrant, but again, I don't know the distance from your shop to the client so I can't give you an accurate estimate.

    I know it's not allowed in my area to use hydrants. The city would probably revoke my business permit if they found out I smuggled out 20 cubic feet or so of water. If I had to pay that out of pocket with current sewer rates, it'd be about $50 (Canadian prices!).

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