price /fungicides


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dirty jersey
$15.00 sound like a lot of money per 1000 sf to applicate?<br>


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Hayden, Al.
Just for your information, I tend to charge around $7-$10 per 1K. But this is just because I feel that is fair, no real reason because of competetion. If $15 per K sells, I would go for it. I find that TGCL seems to dictate what we charge for the lawn care, I tend to bump up extra services to make up the difference.<br>Neil

bill phagan

Anthony, don't know where you're located and what the &quot;standard&quot; is for lawn care but that's where I'd start, with local standards...if the standard is 6 apps per year, sign them up rather than services as required....most companies will include fert as required, pc, broadleaf weed control...about 50% charge extra for diseases as many cannot be controlled....need to know if followup apps are recommended by the label, a cost per manhour to perform the work, materials costs, etc to determine pricing...what does it cost you to do it? How much can or DO YOU want to make? After selling my LMO years ago, started my PC company providing L&O and indoor pest services. My son manages it now. Doing $100k annualized at the end of 12 months...lots of $ to be made in PC/ a fax #, I'll send a sample of his program.<p>Bill Phagan<br>Green Ind Consulting, Inc.