Price Gouging


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Called my Kubota Dealer today (105 miles away)Needed new PTO belts for my G1800, Dealer wanted 39.99 apiece for a 330 mm long belt. Any one know some good alternitives


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try an auto parts dealor. Sometimes they can match the belt or order direct from kubota. I don't know if that price is gouging though


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We have a cool place here in Flint called Manufacturer's Wholesale Supply. They deal with any belt, pulley, and idler you could ever ask for, just to name a few things. When I did the modifications on my Promaster 300, it was like one stop shopping. It's funny,because a belt that would cost you 16 to 26 dollars at a dealer, only costs about 8 bucks there. And that's for a DAYCO! Anyway, check around, there might be a place like this near you.


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Thanks Runner, I crossed over a Napa Belt today for 6.00 apiece and I'll do a bulk order of Gates soon. Lets see 600% markup at Kubota, Price Gouging?, If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck it most be a duck


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Absolutely.....,I went to buy bobcat belts for my 48" walkbehind. When he told me how much, my jaw hit the floor. I needed them, so i paid the price and learned that having an extra set is the best alternative. I now order them from a catalog.


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I agree with cos!!!!!! most catalogs offer the best price by far. Just remember,, ag belts are the poorest quality belt made no matter what brand. Don't ask me why it is just that way.