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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by qualitylawnmanagement, Nov 29, 2006.

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    I am expanding my landscape division more next year, So I need some help. I am looking for how to measure for mulch jobs I put it down anywhere from 2in to 3in deep. Also I charge $60 a yard and I pay $32 bucks per yard. Am I charging enough? My guys can lay 5 to 6 yards a hr. I pay my guys $8 an hr and usually have 2 to 3 guys on a job. And for sod jobs, how much are you charging per sqft for tearing up sod and laying the sod down for? So here is what I am looking for here:

    1. How to measure for mulch in Sqft?

    2. Am I charing enough per yard to cover my butt and make a profit?

    3. How much to charge per sqft to tear up sod?

    4. How much to charge per sqft to lay the sod down?

    Thanks mike!
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    1. Mulch estimate: Square feet divided by 135 will give you approx. yards at 2-3" in depth.

    2. You are charging $60 a yard just for mulch? That is great if that is what is worth in your market. I get $27 a yard and my cost is $22 a yard. I am not in the business of selling mulch, I sell time.

    3. Hand work? Machine work? Access to location? Dumping location/fees? What type of soil are you working in? How much window time? How big of an area? Alot of variables to this to consider to even guess at a figure.

    4. See #3
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    Yea, the mulch prices around here are very high for putting it in. I will be using a sod cutter to cut it with. On some jobs it be done by hand as of putting in a dump trailer or I have access to a bobcat for larger jobs.
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    Without knowing your overhead it looks like you should be charging closer to $70 per yard of mulch.

    We charge around $0.30 per sq ft to remove and dispose of sod.
    About $3 per yard to install sod (assuming there is no grading needed)

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