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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Frenchie, Apr 19, 2007.

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    This is my first year on my own and although I have years of doing the work I have little experience pricing. I did some homework and it seems some of the local companies that would talk to me charge anywhere from 45-65 an hour. There were alot of companies who wouldn't talk to me so I don't know how accurately this shows my market area.
    I want to be competitive but I also don't want to overcharge. I figure I am on my own and I don't have a lot of overhead but I do have some so I aim at 35.00 an hour. When I tell people that is my rate they think I charge too much. I am finding myself picking up all the penny pinchers, All the fixed income elderly, and everyone else who can tell me a sad story and make me lower my rate to peanuts.
    I already know that I am too sympathetic but do you guys think I am charging too much. I have equipment to repair, trucks to maintain, insurance, taxes,GAS etc....
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    I work solo, I get $35-$40 hr for labor stuff.....Mulch between $65-$70 a yard delivered and far as lawns, never price by the hr. I go with a $20 min......Average around here is $35 for your average 5,000-7,000 sq ft lawn.......includes trimming and blowing off walks etc...........I shoot for $55-65 for an open acre.....hope this helps.....If your working in Bristol you can probably get more
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    if your overhead is low you may be making as much as me after expenses. i rarely charge by the hr but if i do its at least $40/hr depending on the job. i usually charge by teh job, it works out better. if i tell someone i want $100/hr they will laugh, but if i tell them $200 for a spring cleanup they are happy and it may only take 2hrs. as you get more equiptment your going to have to go up on prices, when you do stick to yoru guns and never say things like "how about X dollars", it leaves it open for debate, say " I have to get X dollars for this job" it makes you sound much more confident and experienced. my mowing min is at $35. mulch is $80/yard installed. hope this helps
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    I bag everyone at $50 per hour. Am I pricey, yea I think for being one of the younger companies in the area I am. I was in your shoes when I first started off. Questioning my labor rate, doubting the prices I give. Thinking they are to high. As you go on you will see your schedule filling up and your prices will go up too. You need to work for a profit at the end of the day.

    The people your getting calls from are the ones who got screwed last year, over paid last year, or had "some guy" who moved or wont return a call. Thats what happens every year. You will learn to ask questions over the phone to "pre screen" people. Once you learn what questions to ask you will see the "red flags" pop up and then you know what your getting yourself into. You gotta get some of these people and deal with them to make some lunch money and then the referrals. You will find your best customers will find you when you least expect it. Good luck out there. Its a dog eat dog world.

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