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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Poncho25, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Poncho25

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    Hey all, I just got an opening to place a bid for my 1st commercial account, this is a condo unit that is 330x660 total sq.ft. That is the exact size of the lot not including the buildings, parking lot, walkways, pools an what not. There are small hedges on the bottom area, nothing to much. There are 3 Buildings and the parkinglot wraps around the place. So the cutting area is pretty small. I really just have no idea how to bid this, any help would be greatly appreciated!! I am a solo op, so this would take me probably a full day or two to complete. (this bid is just for mowing, edging, shrubs, blowing off walkways.*does not include any leaf cleanup, that would be a sep charge). I have a 44" toro-z if that helps with anyone who can help me with what to charge.
  2. Poncho25

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    any help would be greatly appreciated!! anyone?
  3. Ga.GrassCutter

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    Poncho, You need to know your expenses to operate,( Ins. Gas. parts, etc.) How much you want to make per hr. How Long will it take to mow etc. Here is how i do hedges, For every 65 ft. of hedges i charge $40.00 to trim them. Also how many times per mo. will you service this place. I usually give them a little break if i can get a year contract. Don't forget, if the place is a mess, Charge them for an initial clean up. $35 to $45 per hour for me, I'm also Solo. Hope this helps some.
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    well said, know how much you want to make per hr, figure out your expenses and how much time the property will take. I highly doubt it will take you 2 days to complete this property.
  5. Poncho25

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    yeah I wasn't thinking when I said 2 days. This is a total of 5 acres, now you have to consider thats not the total lawn care, but more area to trim, hedges and blowing. They have a big U shaped parking lot that goes from ent to ent, and a pool area in the center. I been leaning towards around 350 per cut if they want a monthy agreement, or 325 if they go with a yearly agreement. The current guy charges around 275 and has somene help him, but they have been unhappy with the services and quality. So thats where my justification is for my price and that I would be doing this solo. I figure it would take me about 5 to 6 hours. The place is about 15 min drive so not bad. And can use one mower for all of it, just will be alot of small tools to use, Trimer, Edging, cleanup and then hedges when they need to be done. In my proposal I will also mention that I will handle all their mulching needs if they require at a sep price as well as any landscaping needing (re-planings, flower beds installed and the like).

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