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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DLCS, May 10, 2003.

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    I increased my prices this spring. Well, all of my customers except for one, accepted the increase with no problem. This cutomer, who thought I was charging to much says that she will find someone else and that my prices are to steep. Today she calls and says that they want my services again. I tell her the price again she says ok. I just love it when they come crawling back.:D
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    I usually charge more then what the price I orignally charged them that they thought was too high. :D

    I am just so tired of changing schedules and making them fit in b cuz they are so cheap. :rolleyes:
  3. DLCS

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    Lawncare 3,

    I raised my prices because of my costs were increased. They had every right to shop around but they didn't like the company that cut there grass cheaper. when I raise my prices, I do it for legit reasons. If you are tired of dealing with cheap customers at age 15, why stay in this business. Lets face that is one of the costs of doing business.
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    I do my pricing for legit reasons. I also don't mind dealing with cheap customers because if they seem to be a PITA on the phone I usually just bid higher then it's worth because I know I WILL have to go down if they don't like the price I say to them " thank you for giving me the chance to serve you, here is my card if you ever need anything in the future just give me a call"

    That's all there is to it. Espically if the cost of equip goes up.

    G2G my lucky charms are getting soggy.


  5. 1MajorTom

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    Don't be surprised if she pulls this stunt again especially if down the road you decide to raise her price again.

    Two years ago, we raised a customer's price. Right before the season starts, she calls us and tells us she no longer wants our service. Being that she was one in three lawns in a row, we weren't excited about losing her, but what could we do? A few weeks later, she called and apologized and asked us to please continue with the service. We complied.

    This year, we raised her price again a few dollars. Once again, she calls and says to stop service, because she plans on finding someone "more reasonable." Ok fine, I tell her. Fool us once, shame on her, fool us twice, that's it.
    Well we got the pleasure of seeing her "more reasonable" guy.
    He is about 12 or 13 years old, and I had to laugh to myself, because he was using her electricity to power his electric trimmer. Uh Oh, there goes her electric bill. ;)
  6. tiedeman

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    We had one customer in particular that did this for 3 years straight...finally after the second year we would raise her rate every year she did this because it was a hassle of dealing with her. Finally this year she did the same thing and we are still waiting for her to call at the last minute, but this time we are NOT going to take her back.
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    I had a customer who was loaded and i raised price this year $7.00 on 2.5 acres to $67.00 per cut .now his wife loved us she came out every time we were loading up and offered us ice tea , pop , water whatever and told us how nice the placed looked and how they have the best lawn in the neighborhood. so when i sent the letter out a couple of days later he calls and says he was already paying a fair price and was'nt going to pay the price increase and he found a new lawn care service that would cut it for almost 20 bucks cheaper. i told him you get what you pay for so we were going buy the house a few weeks ago and we saw his lawn care service and we had to giggle, two guys one pushing a lawn boy and the other was walking behind a 36 '' exmark all beat up sweating their a#@ off. the yard was cut but looked like ****..

    guess who called me 2 days later left a message on my voice mail asking me to call him asap. well i called and he asked if i could put him back on my route and i said i don't know we already filled your spot and we are already pretty pressed for time. i said i would put him back on for a fee of $75.00 fee he said no problem check is in the mail in the morning.

    the worst part was when we showed up to cut ithe blamed it all on his wife she was'nt happy with the way you cut the grass and you mowed it to fast for what we payed u.. ha ha ha what a joke this guy can't even have the balls to tell me and blamed it on his wife...
    but wait it gets better when we loaded up and was ready to pull away this piece of junk pulls up next to us and says so your the low-ballers who took our customer everybody in the truck busted up laughing and i did'nt know what to say to him but i'm sorry but we our 20 dollars more than you partner. so what does that say about your work partner? by the way do you have insurance or vender's license ,workers comp? yes - i said i don't think you do so don't let me see you mowing in any of our neighborhoods again until you get legit and of coarse he yells out some nice educated words and drove off..:D :D :D

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