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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by VSaint, Apr 30, 2005.

  1. VSaint

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    Thanks for all the help guys. Tough decision when it is so much money. I tried to figure what it would cost per season to cut our lawn and I think I came up with about $3000. So, it is a good investment but still tough to pull trigger on it.
  2. carb454

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    VSaint, Well I just saw your question and figured You might like to hear from a Lesco owner: I looked at a lot of ZTR's and finally decided on the lesco 60" 25hp kawasaki. It is maintenace friendly ie; everything is easy to get to,zerk fittings located on all moving parts. I have cut through grass that was at least 8" high(because of excessive raining) and it went through like butter.
    On the ride comfort issue ,When the mowers are shipped they have about 25lbs of air in the tires and the book reccomends 8-10lbs which will help quite a bit, but with-out the good weight adjustable seat or a suspension such a the ferris your ride comfort could stand some improvement. I believe the lesco will go 10.2mph and my lawn isn't that smooth and I can cut pretty darn fast, maybe not top speed but I have cut my mowing time in half from my old 6' wide finish mower that I pulled with my tractor. And it does a much better job too boot!

    I figure you can buy a lot of gas for the $$$ difference . I'm pleased with my purchase ,but there are a lot of Z's out there ,just take your time to find the one that's best for you....
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    It may be too late but I bought (2) John Deere 777's over the past year from the same dealer in Savannah, They list for 11,500.00 with the 60" deck that I got. The dealer sold them at about 8600.00 for the first and 8900.00 for the second. Your dealer seems a little high on the 757. I agree with the other post that if you have rough property's the Ferris would be better on your arsh#@. We have been revisiting the Seinfeld episode with the MANZEER. Ha!

  4. VSaint

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    Verdict was Ferris IS3000 @ $8900. It used to take the former home owner about 8 hours for the 6 acres on her riding mower. I did it the other day in exactly 2 hours. (First time wasn't as fast because I had never driven a ZTR.)

    There is no question I made the right decision on the Ferris and I was able to negotiate a decent price also. (I think...)

    Thanks for all the help guys in making my decision.

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