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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by deereman08, Jan 1, 2013.

  1. deereman08

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    I just started mowing last year and have six yards that I mow in the central Iowa area. After hearing some other companies pricing I realized that I was quite cheap and kind of getting screwed. So does anyone out there have a price sheet or something that shows like a square footage price or extra things such as edging, trimming bushes, and fall cleanup? That would greatly help me out if you could forward something like this onto me! Also, I am looking to grow my business since I will not be working two jobs like I did last summer so if anyone is willing to share ways in which they have had the best success at getting new accounts that would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for any input!
  2. dstifel

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    Where in central Iowa im in the des Moines area?
  3. deereman08

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    I'm in the Des Moines area as well.
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    May I suggest the Vander Kooi The Complete Estimating Book with Labor & Equipment Production Times for the Green Industry

    Then all you need is your labor rate which this book will also assist you with developing. Production does not change but labor rates do.

    Might pick up the business manual too.
  6. excel

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    I've heard the V.K. materials suggested before. Given the down time in winter, im working on updating my estimating process. I'm concerned that the materials are so old, IE is a book from 1997 still relevant today? Will the production rates still hold value? Its a pain in the ass to get the book (ive been looking around) and before I call up V.K. I want to make sure that its worth the effort. Any Pro's/ Con's on the suggested book? Other possible suggestions?
  7. ToddH

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    The types of production he gives you should hold true.

    You can always estimate mowing 8 mph @ 6 feet wide with simple math. He also gives Low Medium and High for Residential vs commercial crews so there is a wide range from you to review.

    The main thing is to look it over and develop your own based on his system.

    The theory is production does not change but labor rates do. Particularly with things like tossing sod, digging holes, planting, breaking up concrete.... He also breaks down how estimate the hourly cost of various pieces of equipment.
  8. excel

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    Thanks for the info. Long story short, It sounds like I'm best off grabbing a copy.

    Do you feel that the suggested material will be enough to develop a comprehensive pricing model?

    I just wish it were easier to obtain
  9. ToddH

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    I got mine during a local seminar. The Complete Business Manual for Landscape, Irrigation, & Maintenance Contractors and the Production book. I think he has one for $45.00 that includes both.

    He was a great speaker. I may order that DVD.

    At the time I was the sales guy for the company and no clue on how to estimate commercial work. It helped me and I still look at it 3 or 4 times a year and I read the book twice. Might be time to read it again or atleast portions of it.

    He is geared more toward hardscape these days.
  10. pineymountain

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    I have a hard time pricing things as well. I often get to a price and think "I would never pay that" and drop the price. Need to get over that and stick with it.

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