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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by krupatex, Jul 28, 2009.

  1. krupatex

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    Does anyone have there own price list????
  2. B.K.'S Lawn Service

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    Based on my prospection of this question I do not have a price list. In the landscaping industry every job is different and if you had a price list you may take 2 hours at a job and make $100.00 or take 4 hours at a job and make $100.00. :laugh: Now I know some landscapers when they first start off sometimes have an hourly rate they charge the customer for extra services such as bush trimming, clean up, ect. But once you learn to estimate pretty good I would go by the job and not by the hour.:weightlifter:

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    for mowing i go by the job and for cleanups i go by the hour. mulch is also by the job and i have a minimum amount that i will mow for no matter how small it is
  4. MatthewG

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    I am interested in starting a Lawn mowing service in 2010. However I do not know what to charge. If there are general prices like cost per acre or cost per job as very generic rule, that would be great. Also what are some of your absolute minimum prices for the smallest jobs?
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