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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by Johnson, Aug 18, 2004.

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    I was just checking out a lazer CT at my local Exmark dealer. I am really considering purchasing one for my part time lawn business. I am shocked to read here that someone was offered a deal of $4,800 when I was just quoted $5,400 before tax. Man oh man, that is a huge difference. What gives?
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    Often there's more to these "deals" than we know about. Many of them are demo's, discontinued models or any number of other "deals". I wouldn't put too much stock into what your quoted vs. what someone else in a different region is quoted. Dealers don't have enough mark up to make too big of a "deal".

    The other thing you should consider is service after the sale. Most of our top dealers generally get top dollar because they pay the best mechanics, stock the most units, stock the most parts and attend the most training events.


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    I'm looking at a CT too, Johnson. Here's what I found out from my dealer in the Chicago suburbs.

    Brand new Exmark CT with the 48" deck and 18hp Kohler motor was quoted to me at $4999. He also had a demo unit with a 52" deck and the Kawasaki 19hp motor for $5399. I think he said brand new he was selling them for $5699 or something. I believe the Kawasaki motor adds $200 to the price. But, I'm not sure what the MSRP are for those. Maybe Terry can let us know.

    I do have to say that Terry's 2nd paragraph has some merit behind it. The Exmark dealership I visited was very professional. The salesman, Lee, spent an hour and a half with me and my wife explaining mowers and going over the options with us. He said they hire professional mechanics to put the mowers together and work on them, not some high school kids for $7 per hour. I believe him. I think he was a mechanic himself. At any rate, I trust that dealership to give me a good price and have good service. That's important too.
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    The Kawi will add about $300 to the price of the CT. The twins are generally smoother and Kawis are almost always a little quieter than the Kohlers but that is across the board including the Kohler twins. It's sorta like comparing a Harley twin to any other twin cylinder bike engine.


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