price of installs too low in Houston area

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    Four heads in the front, four in the back and 1 spray zone for both sides. Don't worry if the coverage sucks, plants are in the way, mailboxes, etc. If you have some areas that don't get water, it's okay, most homeowners don't know it anyway. Yeah, about $700 in supplies and you charge $2000. If you have a slightly larger yard, just keep adding rotors to the zone. If the pressure drops that's okay too (sprinklers run in the morning and no one sees it anyway).

    $2000 Front and Back Yard Watering System. Get the flyers in the mailbox every year. That's the majority of the residential installs around here.

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    If you go that route start a new thread and ask "How would you go about excelling at this?"
  3. bx24

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    Good luck with that. I live there and prices are all over. The kicker is these people still use PVC..WTF...
  4. Mdirrigation

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    At least they are still using good pipe . All the cheap guys around me use poly pipe
  5. bx24

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    Funny, poly is all they have used for years in MA, CT, NH, RI etc.......PVC does not gain you anything but more overhead, labor etc.....

    it is crap...

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    There is PVC found in spec systems for athletic fields and such, complete with backfill requirements to have only sand next to the pipe.
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    If I had to do resi,s with pvc and a trencher, I would still be swinging a hammer.
  8. Mdirrigation

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    How do you figure more overhead ? and Labor? Pvc less friction loss , higher pressure rating , less steps to make a connection on pvc , 1 man can easily plow in pvc . 2000 ft of pvc fits nicely on top of the van , 7 rolls of poly doesnt . poly is lousy for a mainline . Minimal waste with pvc . The problem I have been having with poly systems for the last 8 years are pin hole leakes in the pipe I am back to these customers homes 5 to 6 times a year repairing leakes in the pipe .

    my father in law has a sprinkler system in new haven ct , its pvc . Not a problem
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    Lets not forget you will still have hands and fingers you can use.
  10. txirrigation

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    I dont use PVC... and people (including LI's) as me what the heck that is on my trucks.

    PVC is very durable, but sucks in ground that moves/shifts much.

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