Price of J Thomas blades vs. Exmark blades

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jaybee, Jun 15, 2001.

  1. jaybee

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    Ordered 20 blades for my Lazer and my turf tracer 2 days ago(10 for each). My first order from J Thomas. The blades were on my door step in a day and a half. They appear to look exactly like my Exmark blades that came with my Lazer. The price per blade including shipping came out to a little over $8 a blade.
    I was at my Exmark dealer today and asked about the price of the Lazer blades. $12.70 plus tax. The diffrence is $5 a blade or $15 a set. I've used aftermarket blades from other suppliers and had no problem. Mowing some of the cow pastures these people call lawns I'm sure these blades are gonna be fine. $5 a blade!!!!!!!!!
  2. Keith

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    All the dealers around here sell aftermarket blades. Very few will even get OEM stuff. One dealer sells the 21 blades for my Kees for $7 and change, while another is $18 :eek:

    BTW, never had a problem with J. Thomas stuff.

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