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Hey, guys. Does this sound right? $64 for supplies for 5,000 square feet which includes:<br>R1: Fert w/ Dimension<br>R2: Fert + Trimec + Dimension for spot trtmt.<br>R3: Fert w/Merit + Dursban + Trimec (for spot trtmt)<br>R4: Fert w/ Trimec spot treatment<br>R5: Fert<p>Does that price sound about right for supplies for 5,000 sq feet. Is LESCO cheaper than most small stores carrying the same supplies?<p>-Nicole<br>


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At least it's less than 1/2 the price you posted before.<p>You didn't specify the fertilizer, I'm assuming it's decent: 50%+PPSCU, FE, MG.<p>Also the double app of Dimension adds a lot of expense, plus Merit is big $.<p>I think the prices are okay, it's a pretty inclusive program.


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Sounds about right. Here are some of the ways we figure prices, based on what I sell the stuff for, wholesale, in either Andersons or Scotts ProTurf:<p>1. 18-3-7 Fert w/Dimension - 12.5m coverage from a 50# bag. Cost - about 19.50. You need about 1/2. Step 1=$10.00<p>2. Use the Second 1/2 of the bag for this step, with spot sprays of Trimec for broadleaf. Fert=10.00, 7.5oz. Trimec = about $2.75. Step 2=$12.75<p>3. Fert W/Merit - 14.3m per 50#bag. Cost $52.50. You need about 1/3 = 15.75. Dursban? for what if you need it use 2.32g, about $5.00 worth. $2.75 more worth of Trimec. Step 3 total = $23.50.<p>4. Fertilizer with Trimec, Granular - 15.5m per bag, $23.75. You need about 1/3 = $8.00. Step 4= $8.00<p>5. 24-5-11 Fert W/Iron and Micros - 12.5m, 13.75 per bag. You need about 1/2. Step 5=$7.00<p>10+12.75+23.5+8+7=$61.25<p>----------<br>Phil Grande - Soundview Landscape Supply -<br>Ivy League Landscaping -

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