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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Dix, May 21, 2002.

  1. Dix

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    I was wondering if there is a figure you try to keep materials costs below on an install. For $1000.00 buggeted, how much of it would you figure for materials? I was thinking up to 20 percent. What do you think. Were talking relitively small jobs.
  2. Planter

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    Ball-park, I suppose that's ok. Really need to understand the costs for the install, labor, equipment, overhead, nursery run time (pick-up and selection), truck time, etc. All figure into the price. Making a 2 hour trip to the nursery (with travel times) for $200 in plants costs more per plant than a 2 and 1/2 hour trip for $1500 in plants. All things to consider.

    We do lots of small jobs and about 20-25% for plants seems about right, but I have never used that ratio as a formula.

    Hope others will respond and enlighten us with their ratios.
  3. prairie

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    There are sooo many different varibles to this you can't just go by how much the plants cost
  4. Dix

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    Thanks, Planter
    I used to work in an auto repair shop doing the books. They wanted to keep parts causts at no more than 20 percent of a bill. I figured a plant is like an auto part in that respect. Also, planting it is like haveing the part put on your car. Someone must have figured this was a necessary ratio to survive in the auto repair business, so I was thinking it might apply here.

    To the rest of you, I know many vairables are involved, but a little advise from someone who has been there shure beets the hell out of winging it!

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