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Help, guys! I just got my pesticide license and am offering my customers fertilization programs for the year. The cost of my supplies for a program that includes grub, weed, surface insect, and crabgrass control is $130 for 5000 sq feet. Doesn't this sound way too high? I'm forced to charge a $25 stop fee + $6/1,000 sq feet. I'm higher than my competitors by at least $45 total and MUCH higher than Chemlawn. What do you think? The program includes Merit, Dimension, Dursban and fertilizer. I feel like our distributor is ripping us off. Please help!<p>Nicole and Jason


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I replied on another thread before I read this.<p>You ARE including alot, but you're still paying too much money. In part because you're not getting into any volume discounts. AND in part because your dealer is going to add on to his summer home this year. :)<p>I would offer a basic weed, feed and crabgrass program like Tru/Chem and upsell all the add-ons. IMO

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Have you heard of IPM.(intergrated pest management) You can include some of what you are offering and only apply as needed. Many lawns in our area go years with out pesticide. If a problem arises it usually only affects a portion of the turf, only treat affected areas, sample the remaining areas for pests. Suggest cultural practices when you see improper maintenance being done that will contribute to turf stress.


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Jason,<p>You are using the high cost products. Tri-mec<br>and Pendulum are a lot cheaper. Don't offer a grub treatment if they don't need it. Par attention to detail and start small. As for your supplier. Yes the prices sound high. Look around for Ag supply store. They may be able to get these products at a cheaper cost.<br>

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