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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Olylawnboy, Jul 21, 2004.

  1. Olylawnboy

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    Can anyone give me an idea of how much "tricopyr" costs per gal.? or a brand of chem that contains/ what percentege of it. It seems to be used on golf courses and in the woods/ forest/ bush, for way down there :) A selective herbicide I think. Only 21 hits on google and they don't say much. At least as far as I see it. Thanks....Oly
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    Put the "L" in it - triclopyr. Over 15,000 hits on Google. It is the best control of woody plants in my experience. It is generally used in combo with other herbicides as a broadleaf weedkiller. Only time I use it by itself is in treating stumps of weed trees, and have had 100% success for 20 years.

    Can't help you on cost - I never pay attention to that. If something costs $5/gal or $500/gal, I'll buy it if it does the job. Cost is built into the billings.
  3. Olylawnboy

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    Thanks GroundKprs I didn't know it was spelled wrong as I just copied it from the newspaper. I am just curious about the price because they treated our downtown lake with 700 gal.s of the stuff at a cost of 168 grand, a six hour job for one man. Someone sure made out like a fat rat.
  4. LwnmwrMan22

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    Not if the stuff was $240 / gallon or more, which when you start getting into chemicals that actually work, I've bought chemicals that were $200+ / gallon.

    However, was that 700 gallons of actual chemical, non mixed, or mixed? That would be the question to find out.

    To a home owner or someone that's used to going to Wal-Mart or Home Depot and getting "user ready" Round-Up for $10 / gallon or whatever, it does look like he made out like a fat cat.
  5. Shady Brook

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    Garlon 3A probably has the most Triclopyr as the active ingredient at 44%. Not sure of the cost, I was thinking it was obtainable in the $70 a gallon range, but could be off on that.

    You can read more about it here.


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