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    I have some questions on edging a property.
    1. When quotaing a customer for edging their property, do you charge extra for the first time edging if it hasn't been done before.
    2. If so how much extra.
    3. When you measure a sidewalk that's 100 ft long, do you price that for 100 ft each side of walk equaling 200 linear ft.
    4. Does $0.03 per linear foot sound about right, and for the first time is $.20 per linear foot to much? This property has about 5000 linear ft.

    Thanks for the help guys
  2. Robert Ewald

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    You sound right in line with the way we charge. It is always a good idea to charge by a measurement because it gives you a reference point to tell you if you are pricing to high or to low per job. Your price seems a little high but I am not in your market and I am also not looking at the job.
  3. 1. Yes if needed
    2. Based on how much work is involved
    3. It would be 200' to me, I measure how many feet work my edger does.
    4. As far as pricing I quote a $ total based on estimated hours.
    5,000' at .20 per ft is $1,000, is there that much edging to do?
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    I always charge by the man hour for overgrown edging plus a debris removal charge. As far as a charge for edging 5000 linear ft. of walkways using .03 per ft. = 150.00 if my math is correct. That would give one man 3 hours @ 50.00 if you think that the job will take that amount of time go for it.
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    we have always charged per hour for services like that. It covers our butt.
  6. kutnkru

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    1+2. If you have to establish an edge or bring an old edge back to shape you might consider charging them 2-3 times what it would have normally been for the routine maintenance if it had been kept accordingly.

    You might also consider keeping a 1hr minimum in mind based on how much work there will be removing the debris, etc.

    3. Edging pertains to the TOTAL amount of linear feet a stick or wb edger will be used, seperate from line trimming estimates. This service is not limited to vehicular and pedsetrian pavements either.

    If you have 500 feet of sidewalks and 3000 feet of curbed drive, then you would have 1000 feet of walkway to trim and 6000 feet of driveway to trim TOTALING 9000lf or almost 2 miles.

    4. The figures you use at any site should be based upon your hourly rates. If you are charging say $25 man/hr, and the site will only take you 20 hrs then your 20 cent price is too high.

    However, if it takes 2 of you 20 hrs, or 3 of you 33.5 hrs or yourself 40 hrs than you would be bidding this service of the contract correctly.

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