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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by bama26, Feb 8, 2007.

  1. bama26

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    need help pricing installing 14 palletts of sod. and removing old sod and hauling it off.
  2. lawn_jockey

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    Well it depends on what your cost is.

    I charge
    $65 Delivery
    $50 - $100 Dump fee
    St Aug .59/ft2 450 ft in a pallet my cost is $108/pallet
    Tif419 Bermuda .50/ft2 I pay I think $87/pallet
    Emerald Zoysia .89/ft I pay $220/pallet

    I also charge to hit the existing lawn with roundup 2 or 3 times before installing. Lawn can't be dormant by the way. Must be green to be killed with roundup. I would charge them $60 each time

    Also You may have to relevel sprinkler heads and add another valve box on top of the existing sprinkler valve boxes for height.

    I charge $15 to $20 per head and $30 for each valve box.
    Always flag existing heads before you get started so the guys know to go around if using a tiller. ( not always necessary) Also flag so when laying new sod you can cut a hole in the turf.
    Always till or pic out dirt near edges of sidewalks and drives and relevel and grade if necessary so that there is no big step down from turf to paved area. It should either meet it flush or rise above 1 inch. Anymore than that and the edging will be hard for years. Plus it looks like crap.

    Always lawn roll when you are done. no shortcuts there.
    And don't forget to have them sign a contract saying there is no warranty on sod.
    If the lawn needs to be relevelled before laying the new sod then I charge $85 /yd of new topsoil. My cost is $22.50 and I add another delivery charge of $65 for the dirt delivery.

    Good tools to have. 2 or 3 machettes, 1 lawn roller, 2 wheel barrels, Sprinkler head tools, shovels, rakes, mini tiller 10 inch stihl, Weed eaters to eat away dead old turf, Blowers, Flags, I think that is it.
  3. RedWingsDet

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    I dont know where your buying, or how much they charge, but around here its 700sq ft per pallet and $91 per pallet.

    Then if your removing and installing new you have to tear out, its going to be more $.

    You need a sod cutter or skid steer, a few men, dumptrailer and/or dump truck, delivery of sod, etc.

    Cost around here would be like this:

    Sod: $1300 with delivery
    Removal of old: $800 using skid steer (i would sub out this part if you dont have a skid steer)
    32 Man Hours: $700 on the high side
    Fuel and other Missoulenous items (such as topsoil, a few sprinkler heads, pizza for crew, etc): $500

    So your looking at a total of $3,300 cost, I would round up to $3500 cost.

    I would charge $8,600. That might be high or low depending on your area.
  4. NC_Irrigator

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    good to see a lawn care co. caring enough to raise sprinklers and valve boxes while doing a sod install

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