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Discussion in 'Tractors' started by AndyTblc, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. AndyTblc

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    Alright, I have a friend who is interested in buying my John Deere. It's a 1984 JD 214, 46" or 48" deck. A single stage snow blower. It has a new motor as of 2001.(motors don't run well with out oil). It's on its 2nd transmission. I have to replace 1 belt in the spring, but that is no problem. It has a little bit of rust, but it's only surface rust. Every thing works good. Back tires are good, good tread, front tires are brand new. The mower deck has no rust. The snowblower has no rust and was just freshly painted. Let me know how much I could get out of it. I know it's over $1000.
  2. Landrus2

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    can you post some pictures.
  3. AndyTblc

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    umm, yeah if I can find some. I only have 1 picture of it with my snow equipment on it, let me see what I got. [/ATTACH]. The one with the snowblower, the cab won't be included.

    fixed sell.jpg

  4. AndyTblc

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    how much do you think I could get from this tractor. Let me know what you think. Or tell me how much you would be willing to pay for this. I just need an idea on what you guys think. One of my friends is looking to buying it, and they need to know a price.
  5. 02DURAMAX

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    I would say maybe $500..
  6. AndyTblc

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    yeah right, with the mower, and the blower, with the newer engine and replaced drive components. It's worth over $1000. I was told that a few years ago by someone who used to work at a JD dealer.
  7. quickmow

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    That thing is priceless. I have one a little newer and will never sell it. But that's because I think nobody would pay enough to make it worthwhile to part with it. You might be in the same position, I don't know. I'd probably pay around $1200-1300 for it, maybe more if the mower deck is good and you throw in the fuzzy dice!
  8. trent515

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    You'll get whatever price someone else feels is reasonable. In my area, you can get a lot more mower for $1000. Personally, I would MAYBE give $750 for it if everything was in good working order, and the work was done RIGHT (not rigged up), and the rust was not bad (??). There are probably others who would give a little more, and a lot who would give less. He's your friend, so give him a break and know its going to a good home LOL :)

    On a side note, what some former JD dealership employee told you a few years ago really is not a good estimate on price. With rare exception of collectible machines, equipment depreciates, so take that in mind-if he said $X back then, it is DEFINITELY worth no more today.
  9. quickmow

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    Take back what I said earlier, I have to agree with this!

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