price per acre on lawn aeration

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  1. underESTIMATED

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    $10/1k sf. Aerate

    $10/1k sf overseed

    25% mark up on fert.
  2. Chilehead

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    Yeah, my rate is 2.5 - 3 times the price of a mow.
  3. acculawnsystems

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    All of these calculations can be well organized based on your pricing model at Specials can be demonstrated to the customer with a percentage discount.
  4. M & MD Lawn

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    Yeah I do 10.25/1000 for aerating, then $1 a pound for seed ( 4lbs/1000 reg - 8lbs/1000 overseed) and generally $30.00 a bag for fert. occasionally I will add extra pending on difficulty
  5. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I take my mowing price and times it by 3.
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