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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Apr 30, 2002.

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    I have a brushhogging bid that came up and I'm hoping to get some input on what I should charge. Currently I do residential mowing only, but I do have a brushhog with a 7' deck and the opportunity would put some commercial experience in my book-of-business. Also, I wanted to verify my numbers so I don't underbid myself.
    Here goes:

    700' wide (measuring wheel) x 2/10s mile long (odometer) = 700' x 1056' = 739,200 sqft / 43,560 (acre) = 16.97 acres

    The area's relatively flat, however it once was used as a drive-in theater and there are berms where the cars used to occupy. Also, there's a floodplain in the rear 2-3 acres. All speaker poles are cut to the asphalt and the land hasn't seen action in several years. There are approximately 100-150 trees and all that's required is brushhogging. No trimwork. The weeds are currently 18"-24" high and will need cutting soon.

    When I searched for brushhogging, I found an old post that quoted +/-$50/acre range. My area yields $35-45/hour for basic lawn maintenance. According to that figure my quote comes to $850/cut.
    Any and all responses are appreciated.
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    Our local tractor man (Tampa Florida) who we refer to customers with cow pastures and such gets $30/hour. It's pretty flat, but sandy. He charges from the time he gets out of his truck at the property until the time he gets back in. If it takes you longer because of adverse landscape conditions, then you know you're being paid for it if you charge by the hour. Just my thought. Hope it helps.
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    I just started a job I bid on with lawn mowing and brushhogging included. I've mowed the 3 lawns twice and seem to be right on on the bid. I bid $575 for the 30 acres of brushhogging. Its all open with a road ditch, fence around 2 lagoons and not to big of hills. Does not look to hard to mow and will be maintaind 4-5 times a year. Currently have a 6' bhog to mow with the 1st time, been looking at larger mowers to use, have a 50 hp utillity style tractor. Going to try to mow the 30 acres this friday/saturday weather aggreeing. let you know how long it takes. Marc

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    so it used to be asphalt and grass overran it? i'm trying to imagine our local drive in (still open with 4 screens) getting in that bad of shape. anyway, sorry i can't help with your question, just love drive in theaters and old cars.
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    sorry it took so long to get back, but the weather was not agreeing. finally got out to mow the thirty acres by the lagoons, yesterday and today. had been raining its butt off for three weeks straight here in the St. Louis area. we ended up getting a used 9' disk mower (three point mounted) . It took about 11 to 12 hours @$575 for the job, that comes out to be about $50 hr

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