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    right now i have been charging cleanups by the man hour. i have a BR600 a 5HP WB blower 48'' mower and 16HP leaf loader. i was wondering what other people were charging per man hour for this kind of of my clients are fine with paying $50 per man hour but recently some have been trying to get cleanups done cheaper. I will not work for free but i woud hate to see if and of my customers went elsewhere for fall cleanups.

    So i guess the question here is what are you guys charging per man hour for fall cleanups??
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    by the job. it doesnt matter if theyre 10 an hour if they take 2 days to do it
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    In my area there is a lot of competition from individuals who do not pay taxes. We are only able to charge 35-40 per man hour here. Depending on the person i will either give a price or charge 35-40 per man hour until the job is done. I also charge a leaf disposal fee for getting rid of the leaves. If someone wants me to give a fixed price i will bid on the high end to make sure that i make a profit. Leaf cleanup can be very time consuming and it is easy to misjudge the time it will take.

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