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Price Question

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by azlawndawg, May 15, 2005.

  1. azlawndawg

    azlawndawg LawnSite Member
    from arizona
    Messages: 4

    This yard front and back is a total of 10442 Sqf. of turf. Will be cut with a 21" walk behind due to to land scaping and small hills that a riding mower can bottom out on and scalp that section of turf. Back yard is tri-leveled whichwill mean that the mower will have to picked up and placed on the elavated area to be mowed. the turf will also be at 3" per the request of client. What would be your bid to mow and blow?
  2. slicksilverado01

    slicksilverado01 LawnSite Member
    from Ohio
    Messages: 173

    $65 If you have to do all that lifting and mowing around stuff. plus to have to use a 21"
  3. azlawndawg

    azlawndawg LawnSite Member
    from arizona
    Messages: 4

    thank you for your response
  4. Todd's lawncare

    Todd's lawncare LawnSite Senior Member
    from P.A
    Messages: 548

    75 sounds like alot of trimming and what not if you have to trim but you said mow and blow so maybe 65
  5. azlawndawg

    azlawndawg LawnSite Member
    from arizona
    Messages: 4

    2 hours of edging, 2 1/2 hours of mowing trimmed 3 hedges. By the time I was through, it was about 110 degrees (Noon). It was getting hot. Not to complain, Do you think $200 a month is worth it? :dizzy:
  6. HighGrass

    HighGrass LawnSite Bronze Member
    from Z5 MA
    Messages: 1,237

    I have a yard that's simalar to this maybe a little smaller. It is on three different levels and the mower has to be dragged up two sets of straight stone steps from the road level to the mid level and then finally to the upper level. From start to finish it take me a little less than an hour with a 21" lawn boy, trimmer and hand blower. Price...$54.00

    When I gave the estimate for the job, I really did so with the attitude that I didn't really care that I got it because all of my other jobs don't require a push mower. But, since they had moved out of the house (They bought another house across town) they don't want to bother with it. The house is on the market so we'll see what happens when the new owners show up.

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