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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by grass-scapes, Jan 6, 2005.

  1. grass-scapes

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    I received a call yesterday from someone looking for chemical service for his lawn and seeding. No aeration, no mowing, ONLY Seed and Chemical services.
    He had already gotten a quote guessed it....Chemlawn. Their price? 70 per app. Im thinking their standard is every 6 weeks or so, but not sure. My cost on chemicals alone for this site (around 30,000 sf) is $381.00. Now, I don't know what they put out and when, but my plan calls for 6 apps, the last one being only Pellet limestone. That is a significant cost.
    1st app.....1lb urea per 1000
    1/2 lb Barricade AI per acre
    Speedzone 1.5 oz per 1000
    Iron 3 oz per 1000
    2nd app....Uflex 50% slow 1/2 lbs N per 1000
    the same Barricade as first app
    Trimec 992 1.5 oz per 1000
    Iron same as first
    3rd app.....Umax 100 % slow 1/4 lb N per 1000
    Iron same as first and second app
    4th app.....18-24-12 Granular (Seed time too)
    5th app.....30-5-10 20% slow Granular
    6th app.....Lime 40-50 lbs per 1000

    I HAVE to be putting down more than TG/CL.
    What prices would you guys who do this charge.
    Would you change formulations to match TG/CL pricing, or just give a price and move on.

    I need help on this pretty quick.
  2. GrowinGreeninc

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    I am the owner of growingreen in greenboro and bid them daily. Unless you are set up on route you will loose your shirt at 70 for 30k our price for 30 k would be appox 135 per visit. my cost on r-1 is close to that even doing it liquid which is way cheaper than grandular. I would be glad to talk to you further about it call me 854-7999
    jonathan rigsbee
  3. i_plant_art

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    down here in TN fert n squirt goes for an average of $200-225/ acre so that said 30k would be $137.75-$155.00. If you knew what tgcl was using and how watered down it is you would feel bad for giving a price higher than $70 knowing that your product is better than thiers. if the customer goes with tgcl after time he will see what he is paying for.... nothing but water and a little ineffective chemical. He will call back.
  4. Pilgrims' Pride

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    Just give your price and move on.
    I've learned over the years that you don't get them all. Especially when bidding against TG, Scotts and a few others.
    If the customer asks for a break, tell them that you know your costs and that is a fair price.
    Be nice and then check back in a few months.
    Things will probably have changed by then and they will switch easily.
  5. Soupy

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    In my area TGCL puts down around 9-10 apps a year. If they are similar in your area then you can explain that the yearly cost might not be as for off. Explain that you will not come out in February and put down pre-m on top of snow and then come out and put it down again in March. You will do it right the first time. Also sell them on the environment too. Over all, just let them know you care.
  6. Rwise10230

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    Im in Winston-Salem and my price would be $140
  7. garydale

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    Good comments, Guys
    I'm with "Pilgrim" put out your quote and move on. You will only get 1 out 7 on bids and dwelling on each one will kill you.

    Our cost on 30K site unseen would start at $120. for 6 appl. program.

    TG/CL has volume buying and a "Hit & Run" operation. Liquid fert. is cheaper and gives quick response, but it's big benefit to TG/CL is if a customer cancels the lawn quickly turns to crap.

    Know your costs. Round 1 & 2 are the expensive ones,but done right they make rounds 3-6 easy and cheap.

    Explain your products and good,prompt service.

    Don't bad mouth the competion, as that hurts the Industry and will reflect back on you.

    Good luck,

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