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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DFed913, Jun 5, 2006.

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    Just started lawn maintenance business (mowing, trimming, etc.) - Have all residential accounts right now but have offers to do some small-medium size commercial lots (think post offices/federal properties).

    Each property has approx. 1370 feet of trimming. One property has less trimming, more mowing and one has 12 trees to be trimmed around. Also, both are in heavy populated areas and will require quite a bit of trash removal before each mow.

    I have quotes in mind for about 60-75 dollars - new at this - please tell me if this is considered too high or "lowballing".

    Any and all opinions appreciated.

  2. eruuska

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    Hard to say without square footage on the properties, but 60-75 sounds low. 1370 feet is over a quarter mile, plus trash to pick up? That takes lotsa time.
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    I agree, you want the truth?

    My experience with commercial props tells me that from now on, whatever I am thinking of needs to be at LEAST double! I said at least, so 2.5 to 3x is not that far off, I'd say 160-175 might put you closer but you might not get the job... As for me, I got really sick and tired of being the lowest bidder and I still find myself in that spot LOL but it's getting better, much better.

    Oh, you did say Government property? LOL, I'd say 100 max in that case and yes you better do a good job.

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