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Price rebate on stihl Magnum?

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I remember reading something on here not to long ago about like a $50 rebate on the new Stihl Magnum's br600 I have 4 of them and love them but thinking about getting one of the new Magnums to try it out for the season and possible trade in 2 of my older ones on 2 new Magnams by the end of the season. I've been able to buy the br600's fo $500 out the door from my dealer and have not got a rice on these new Magnums was just wondering how nuch their costing everybody else???
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I received some mail from Stihl today. I opened it up and it was just something about thier 2 year warranty blah, blah, blah. I don't really care much about the warranty after about a month. Usually if something is going to break it does it when it's brand new or real old.
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