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price sound right?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by FATWEASEL, Jun 6, 2007.


    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
    Messages: 326

    I've got a number of 7-8 ft tall Leylands that are leaning pretty bad at a customers property. The customer wants them dug up, reset, staked and tied. There's no mulch to contend with and I have a fair amount of room to work.

    They are on a hill so instead of trying to 3 point stake them I planned to drive a 6 ft utility fence post beside the main trunk and tie them off.

    Roughly $5.50 per tree in cost...bill at $20 per tree...minimum 5 trees. I don't see it taking longer than 12-15 minutes per tree.

    I would bill more if I have to add soil to stabilize the root ball.

    Sound fair???

  2. Lawnamus

    Lawnamus LawnSite Member
    Messages: 32

    First of all, Leylands are an absolute pain in the a$$.
    They are so finikey and even if you do get enough air flow through them, they are not the most of durable of trees, especially on a hill. Around here most have gone to arborvitae. Much more durable, but price sounds good as long as you have no future problems. Good luck.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
    Messages: 326

    Thanks, Lawnamus.

    I agree, I HATE Leylands and Bradfords, but...they are the tree that keeps on giving. You can plant them, dig them up, straighten them, plant them again, spray them for bagworms, dig them up again when they die from infestation, plant new ones or remove all of them, and the cycle continues....:laugh:

    Btw, the customer called me from out of town, liked the price, and gave me the go ahead... plus, wants me to price about 2400-3000 sq ft of pine needles. :cool2:
  4. EJD Lawnpride

    EJD Lawnpride LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 313

    That sounds fair. I just sraightened a maple the same way today,it took 8 min.
  5. tthomass

    tthomass LawnSite Gold Member
    from N. VA
    Messages: 3,498

    How many trees? How long will you be there including travel? How's your overhead?........I'm just say'n make sure you're not the one spending $ to straight'n trees.

    If minimal $, I save it for a Saturday and either knock it out myself or see if an employee wants to make a few quick $bucks$ and I don't have to deal with it.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
    Messages: 326

    I did it yesterday on the way home from another job. 2 hours 20 minutes, 8 trees and me. Could've done it faster but I spent 30 minutes on the first tree.:rolleyes: Sometimes it takes me a bit for things to click. 95 degree heat didn't help.:cry:

    I figured my costs to be right at $41.50, gas and everything. I charged $160. They were happy. I was happy, but exhausted and dehydrated and soaking wet.:weightlifter:
  7. Harley-D

    Harley-D LawnSite Senior Member
    Messages: 508

    Just a quick note. Not that any of us need to, but if you call an A/C guy or a plumber or electrician. It's 75$ to ring the doorbell.
    Around here, A/C guys make really good money and the companies are a dime a dozen.
    I wish i could tell someone that when they call. Yes i'll be right out to cut that hanging limb off your driveway, and that'll be 75$. Instead it's more like 20$ depending on how far.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
    Messages: 326

    That's why I told them $20 per tree with a minimum of 5 trees. They really had 10 trees but 2 of them were give or take. They decided to take care of 8 out of the 10, which worked out fine by me.
  9. sheshovel

    sheshovel LawnSite Fanatic
    Messages: 5,112

    Gosh I hope you did not drive those stakes through the root balls.

    FATWEASEL LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
    Messages: 326

    If they are, they're probably at the far edge. They're staked off about a foot from the main trunks. There shouldn't be enough rubbing to promote disease or to sever important roots.

    Because of the dry weather we've been having, they each got a dose of polymer crystals and root stimulator. :)


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