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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by jrblawncare, Aug 22, 2006.

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    Total kill of 12,000 ft of fence row,will be using r-up and crossbow combination...most can be sprayed from the truck,about 1,000 ft will have to be done walking with backpack.Growth is heavy in some areas covering entire fence,other areas not to bad.I may use the lawn truck..if so need to include clean-up time or I will invest in a 12 volt system 30 gal. just for total kills...been wanting to do that anyway.What should I charge for this job? 500.00 to 750.00 , more ??
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    i've done a couple of fence rows that were 2,000 feet each- one was over grown and the other had minimal grass. the one that was overgrown used more chemical than i had estimated- i didn't account for the spray heighth up the fence. i charged .10 per foot on the one that had minimal growth ($200)and .15 per foot on the overgrown fence ($300) and both were happy with that price.
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    chemical cost per thousand plus time plus profit x 12(or wider if you are killing more than 6" to either side). I would not contaminate your lawn truck with that mix, especially for a smallish job like this. 30 gallon tank w/ 12v could get you 30k sq at 1 gallon per k, a very usual rate. Take into account the actual speed you can walk that terrain and spray to wet when figuring your labor costs, it won't look like lawn spraying times. How tight do you need to stay to the fence? an atv with a boomless nozzle can be excellent for these types of jobs.

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