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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Dix, Nov 6, 2002.

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    OK for those of ou that have done this type of work, this should be an easy one!
    I have been doing mainly lawn maint. Just had a call from someone who would like me to plant 10-15 trees she will be buying. These trees will be approx 10-15 feet tall. All I will be doing is the planting. Her house is on land that used to be a farm field. The soil is sandy loam. No roots, should be easy digging.
    1) Would you use a gas powered auger (the type two men hold) & finish with shovers? Or just use shovels?
    2) How much would you charge per tree?/how long would it take per tree?
    For most work I uasually charge $ 35.00/hr. if I use powered equipment, & $ 30.00/hr. if I don't. What would you do??

    Many thanks for the help - Dix
  2. brentsawyer

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    First, what kind of trees will it be, different varieties have different sized rootballs. Second, If she hasn't bought the trees yet, I would tell her that I would get them for her at about the same cost. If not I wouldn't do it unless I had nothing elst to do. Reason is that by you buying them at wholesale you'll make twice as much as you would ever hourly when she buys them. As for time in a field to plant them, this will vary but last week I planted 8, 6-7' Pines with a shovel by myself in 4 hours in ideal conditions.
  3. aquaturf

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    I would use a bobcat with forks to dig the hole, or a tractor bucket to dig the holes. Don't use the auger. Charge her for your labor and of course the machine time. With yourself and a laborer, you should be able to finish in two days, with mulching and staking. Charge her your hourly rate but if she buys the trees do NOT guarantee the trees. You are better off buying them and making some money on that end as well. In fact, I would also be tempted to walk away from the job if she buys the trees.
  4. ipm

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    You should be fine with a couple guys and shovels/picks. I would also recomend a tree dolly.

    I don't know what kind of business you have but the easiest most efficient way would be to use an auger attatchment on a skid steer or better yet a dingo will acccomdate an auger large enough for 10'+ trees. I would not go out and rent this equip. because it is just not feasable for 10 trees. I would not gaurantee any of the material.

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