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Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by smalley360, Dec 13, 2006.

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    I had to re-read the question at first I though it was 57 inches long :laugh:

    Just be prepared for the unknowns your digging along and who knows what has been buried under the ground if the are has been developed over the years. I don't know what a RC-30 is but a skid steer with a backhoe attachment will be slower than what a mini would be. I would count on atleast 1.5 hours you can only dig so far then you got to back the machine up dig some more. Then your spending extra time re-adjusting the machine so you get a straight trench.

    For guys like me that are so used to minis digging trenches its quck easy and does a clean job your not limited to how far you can put the spoils out of the trench.

    Good luck and hopefully the homeowner doesn't get pizzed off with you that it cost more for you to do the job over a person with a mini excavator.
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    Rc-30 with the backhoe attachment. 11 ft reach, 7 ft depth. [​IMG]

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    Thanks for the pictures :)

    I would say 2 hours digging time it may take you less but I doubt it would take you longer unless you run into some hard material. A 36" depth with the backhoe attachement is probably going to be a slow go.

    A rubber tired backhoe is a little different because you can push yourself backwards with the hoe.

    The local school district has a 763 skid steer with a backhoe attachement it was the first time I ever seen on in operation it was about 11 years ago now.

    It was a slow process digging a long trench or any kind of trench because the guy operating the machine had to get back into the machine move it back start digging again. I see they rent the mini excavator from the rental shop now.
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    $65 an hour sounds about right for the RC 30, I'd stick with that number.
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    I've have a backhoe att. on my 853 Bobcat, use it everyday. All I have to do on mine from the backhoe seat is reach back and and use the steer levers. It would be very slow if you had to get in the skidsteer every time to move it.
    As far a money, 3 hour mini is as cheap I can get @ $65. per and all my equipment is paid for. dennis
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    Do you have to get off the back hoe part to move the machine? with the mini's you can repostion the machine very quickly but I don't know on a ASV because you can't push the machine like you can on a TLB? On my 35 deere mini-x that would take less than a hour with somebody checking grade, don't forget to charge a houly rate for the guy checking grade.

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    In the pictures it looks like the RC-30 has joystick control so it looks like it would be easy enough to reach back and move the joystick not like the old Bobcat machines with yankem sticks. With rubber tired backhoes its easy lift the front bucket and use the hoe to push backwards lifting the machine so you don't bend the stabilizers :laugh:

    Excavator its a piece of cake but its all what you get used to using.
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    Actually the RC-30 as well as the RC-50 the controls tip into the cab while you keep sitting in the operators seat so to move backwards all you do is move the joystick on you side to lift the backhoe a little and use the joystick on the other side to move the machine back then put the hoe back on the ground and keep digging. you don't even have to lift the outrigger legs as they lift with the arms on the 30 that attaches to the hoe so there is no getting up or out of the cab. I like it a lot, makes it very agile. with the hoe on the front it is a little tippy so you have to be a little careful.
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    Look at it this way , most people will not hand dig it for 250 or 300. Many times we really bank on these little jobs. In fact my logo for my yellow page ad says " we specialize in small jobs " Do 3 of these by lunch time every day would be very profitable.
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