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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by rodfather, Jan 17, 2002.

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    Ok, I used the "search" function to get answers to a bunch of questions I had about de-thatching. Questions like:

    1. How well does the JRCO front-mount de-thatcher work?
    2. Best time of the year to de-thatch?
    3. Benefits of dethatching vs. aerating?
    4. What to be careful of (sprinkler heads, etc.)?

    My question is, "what can I reasonably charge?" The info I got from my search ranged from $5/1000 sq.ft. to $40/1000 sq.ft. Some other answers went from 2X what you would charge to mow and trim to 6X that amount.

    I'm lost...would someone help me???
  2. I charge $75 a man hour plus disposal fee for this. This is one of those relitivly unsure things you can do on a lawn.

    Just from looking you cannot tell how long or how much thatch you will tote out of the lawn.

    Since you realy have no clue on what to charge for it, I would definitly do it T&M so if your wrong you womt take a beating on it.

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