Price to edge beds with spade before mulch application

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by lawnworker, Apr 2, 2012.

  1. lawnworker

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    Okay, the majority of re mulching work that I do is simply laying it down straight, but some customers like to have a new edge put down, which I do sometimes. This year I am trying to standardize pricing on all operations.I have my mulching prices nailed down without edging. I need a good figure to add to the estimate, if they want a new 2" outline spaded out. I am looking at a per foot figure.It is nice to be able to quote a with and with out edging price. Thanks for those that help with this question.

    Also, would the price be different for brand new beds- breaking bare sod?
  2. grandview (2006)

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    Yes, a new bed will take longer,if your just going to sharpen it up less time to do and less to haul away.Some do so much per foot edged.25-2.00 up to you. If you have a 100 ft to edge and only takes a few minutes you can do it for less. But they might not want to pay a 100 bucks for it. have to feel out each customer.

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    Just price it into the install price for the mulch, And sell it that way. Say we edge, weed, and install the mulch for x amount of dollars. dont give people the option to not have it edged.
  4. lawnworker

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    Okay, thanks for the advice so far. I am thinking maybe .35 cents a foot here. Does that sound about right for the average market.
  5. Ducke

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    .35 a foot seems awful low.
    I charge and get $1.00 a foot to edge or re-edge beds here.
  6. GrassIsGreenerLawnCare

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    Exactly. You should pretty much have a set price for Mulch/delivery + Installation and bed prep (edging, weeding/etc)

    so cost of mulch/delivery + Install/bed prep = Price Per yard

    Makes it easy on yourself and the customer this way. And yes, everyone in VA is cheap as hell.....I know ur pain. When I moved from Cape Cod to here, I almost Sh**
    good luck!
  7. lawnworker

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    The thing is, having options can some times be the difference between getting work and not getting it. If the edging price throws a mulching job too high for some customers, having the option to say " well, if we don't edge, the price can be lowered X amount of dollars" is nice.
  8. MDLawn

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    I wouldn't want to have potential clients see a job that wasn't fully complete without edging. Looks awful in my opinion, like someone just plopped mulch onto the grass. I agree with the others in a "this is what the job costs". Breaking it into edging, trimming, mulch, etc.... seems a little weird. If you are installing a huge landscape and the options are something like hardscape or no hardscape, 10x10 patio or 20x20, berm with 10 blue spruces, water feature, etc..... Were talking thousands in price difference. For your average landscape maintenance job you're talking a hundred or two??? Plus most people don't even know how a well defined edge can make a difference. If that changes someones mind they were too cheap to begin with. What's next are they going to tell you to use cheap recycling mulch instead of the nicer products??

    Sharp edges define the landscape. Not mention keep the mulch out of the grass!



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  9. ron mexico75

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    ^^^I agree.
  10. tlb lawncare

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    nice work!!

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