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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by absolutelawn, Mar 29, 2006.

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    i have 2 customers who want gravel in their front yard. they want all the sod removed. weed mat put down and about 2 inches of 3/4 inch gravel. the yards are about 1700-1800 sq feet. i have not done this before and do not know what to charge. i can get the gravel for 10 bucks a ton. or if anything can help this process please let me know.
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    I charge $2 a yard to remove sod (Use a sod cutter)
    I charge $2 a yard for the Typar fabric (remember sod staples to hold it down)
    I charge $100 a ton for aggregate installation, up to $350 a ton for decorative.

    1 ton will cover 50 square feet at 4" (2" covering is not enough)

    1800 square feet = 200 square yards

    200 sq yards x $2 sod removal = $400
    200 sq yards x $2 fabric = $400
    1800 / 50 = 36 tons aggregate x $100 = $3600

    Sod debris disposal 200 sq yards (= 3 full pallets of new sod and its dirty and heavy to lift it back on your truck. Consider paying a roll off to pick it up. The roll off container will be flat on the ground, wheelbarrow it right in) = $300

    Total for job = $4,500
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    I would charge no less than 40-50 cents per sq ft to remove sod, plus sod cutter rental, if u dont own one. This would be $900 on 1800 sq ft or 200sq yds.....

    Green Elegance

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