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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by alexschultz1, Sep 15, 2010.

  1. alexschultz1

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    what do u guys charge for sod. this includes removing the old lawn, preparing the ground, laying the sod, and rolling it. i had a guy quote one of my customers $1300 for 3 pallets. it wasnt a small business either. my price is $500 per pallet and i think thats still to low
  2. coolluv

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    How are you going to remove the old lawn? Depends on how much grading etc. Sod install prices are pretty low right now because of the hacks. I don't get asked a lot for sod jobs but this year I had a few ask about it and I gave them estimates, but I didn't get them. I assume my price was too high, no sweat off my B@&&.

    Depends on the prep.

  3. TexasFire221

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    Just submitted my first big landscaping job. Planting 54 palm trees, spreading 12 yards of mulch, 5 yards of crushed granite, and 8 pallets of sod. The sod was the hardest to bid. I have given probably 5 or 6 sod estimates over the last year and have got ZERO. Everything will be ready when I show up. All we have to do is throw grass. I bid at $.70 sqft. I have no idea what the other guys in the area are charging. I can buy the sod for $.23 sqft. So not sure if im right on these numbers or not.
  4. Mark Oomkes

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    Why would you price per pallet when you are performing at least 3 totally different services?

    Removal has nothing to do with installation.

    Prep does only because you need to do a good job, but it isn't installing the sod.

    Then the install\roll.

    Why don't you estimate your time for removal.

    Then prep.

    Then installation.

    Because doing a per pallet price would be ignorant at best and bankrupting at worst.

    What if I can remove by skid steer, prep by skid steer and install 150' rolls with no obstacles?

    What if your job has to be removed by hand because of a 24" gate, wheelbarrowed out, hand raked and soil added by wheelbarrow and every square yard has to be walked 300' because of that gate and then cut in half because of obstacles?

    You think labor might play a small part in the price?

    Good luck
  5. scott312

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    It's $170.00 a pallet installed in Houston

    MLAWCARE LawnSite Senior Member
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    Wow around here I am not sure I could get a pallet of sod for that.
  7. scott312

    scott312 LawnSite Member
    from Houston
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    That's the price the grass farm chargers. They do the install also.
    Maybe I better load up the Truck up and head North : )
  8. cpel2004

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    Yep 500 to 600 sounds correct but it depends on many variables; sometime cheaper but not often.
  9. LoweJ82

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    around $200 a pallet of 50 yards, plus delivery

    grower does for $4.25 a yard so $212.50
  10. GrandMaster

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    Don't bid jobs period if you do know what is the right price. You will look inexperienced or a dishonest rip off. Cost of materials, labor, equipment, fuel, all these must be know and set to a price depending on your resources. I lay sod KBG for .33 cents a sq ft. Includes equipment, labor, product, transports, haul off and removal, etc. All jobs will have different obstacles but you need to have a price break down for the basic tasks!:usflag:

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