Price to plant canadian hemlocks that customer buys?

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by mrusk, Jun 19, 2005.

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    I know a guy who wants to plant 35 (6-8 feet tall)' canadian hemlocks on this property line 5 feet a part. He said he wanted to go buy them himself and just hire me to plant them. Normally i would tell them i want to buy them myself, but if i do not have to worry about locating 35 of these trees and getting them deliveried i am better off. Also, since i am not buying these trees i will not have to warranty them. What would you guys price this job at. I am going to have to rent a machine for this. I am going to rent a john deere 110 BL for this job. I know the digging will be tough also. I was figuring around $1500. Am i close to where i should be? I do mostly pavers and walls and hardly ever plant trees so i am not sure where i should be at.

    How close would you recommend planting the hemlocks apart? The homeowner mentioned to me that he did research and came up with 5 feet.

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    I almost never do planting alone.

    Lets assume you need to make $50 proffit per tree and the trees retail at $200 ea. That means you pay $150ish, add planting labor and proffit and submit bid.
    If the customer buys the trees, he is going to pay the same $ per tree that you would charge him, but the supplier gets your share of the markup. The $50 per tree you would have made, now needs to be put on top of the normal planting cost, which makes you bid high.

    I will never let a customer take my markup away unless they spend alot with us or it is high volume. That why I usually don't get those jobs.

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