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Price To Seal Pavers


LawnSite Member
I did a quick search, but did not see any information. What are you charging to seal pavers? I normally wait a year before I recommend sealing. How much would it be to clean and seal?

I have one pricing system.. I do not know if I am charging enough or maybe charging too much.

$1.00 a square foot to seal.

$1.50 to clean and seal -- If customer is requesting to seal under the one year mark.


LawnSite Member
Hamilton, OH
I usually charge about $.75 a sq. ft. to seal. If the material is costing you about $.30 a sq. to seal. You are turning a pretty good profit. Cleaning seems like it would take the most time. That might be cost per hr. on the cleaning plus so much a sq. ft. on the sealing.