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    I didn't even have them on a contract,Because they said I didn't need one. Are those the customers I need to be liery of .The one that say's I know you do good work thats why I hired you.I pull thier weeds in the flower beds that they say they will take care of, I take there trash to the curb for them , I do just about everything they ask of me for what just to be stabed in the back as soon as Iturn around. I quess thats the price you pay to be successful in this BIZ! Im ready for it bring it on. IT's a little harder here in FL.
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    Yeah Bobby, it is a pretty competitive market in Florida. My advice, don't do too much extra for free. These customers look for that, they will take advantage of you to save money. Once you do any extra work for free they will expect it all the time. They will say "hey, you used to rake those leaves up every week...You are not honoring our agreement", or something like that. Not all are like this, you can do extras for some customers and they really appreciate it. You have to be able to read these people and know when to do nothing extra unless the money has been discusssed.
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    Yeah Kieth, I take it your from FL. If you are were are you from. I mean everybody and there family cuts grass down here.I do 4 homes on this 1 street, and I may see 7 or 8 crews on this one street. And 70% of them have no ins.are license.So in order to do well your work has to be good. I see companies selling out all the time. Because of these fly by night jokers, thats only looking for a way to pay for thier golf game on the weekends and stuff like that.
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    You can have a personable relationship with your customers without letting them try to get you to do much of anything for free. You don't want to become their "yard/house boy". You need them to realize how valuable your time and service is. And that you are giving them their moneys worth just doing what you normally do to their yard. I charge for everything they ask me to do. Like I charged this woman $1.00 to change her light bulb. I make a joke when they ask me to do something thats not in my field. I say "wow! thats big money for something like that" They usually say never mind after that. May seem tacky to you but people ask you to do small stuff at first to test you then they will move on to bigger things. Some of them get it in their minds that they are paying you too much and that you should do extra things. Try not to ever let them think you are over payed.
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    Where not in this business to just break even!If some one under bids you don't go after his cheap jobs just smile,becouse if a the market turns sour how many of thouse cheap jobs that he has do you think won't go out to home depot and buy a $100 lawn mower and do it themself or ask the kid down the street to cut their grass.This happened to me twice.Two jobs that I liked where under bid by people.To date one of the two companys that did that is done.Like I said before just smile becouse chances are if that guy keeps doing that in a few years you will be the only one left smileing!<p>from:Adam<br>AB Lawn Care
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    Bobby <br> Greetings from south Florida. Your <br>market sounds like ours. One thing I've <br>learned is, there seems to be a shortage <br>of quality people everywhere.80% of the <br>companys down here are (mow,blow & go) <br>operations. I do only residentials and <br>charge five to ten dollars more than the <br>other guys. Small yards, so five to ten <br>may be 40% more. I prefer a new customer <br>to have already been through 3 or 4 low <br>guys. By then, there sick of dealing <br>with whats not getting done. Most people <br>at that point, will be glad to pay a <br>little more for quality. <br> If you will separate yourself from <br>the pac, YOU will be noticed! <br> south Fla Bobby
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    kudos to charles and lbmd1<br>..this a service orientated business..getting to know your customers is key and that only gives you more referels. take time to get to know em pics of your kids(only if they look like there mother)chances are they will never leave your service.<br>Sure the other guy undercut you..but that's life in the business world. Those customers will realize after he or she has been cutting there lawn after a while what fools they we're for not paying you the extra $$$ . you get what you pay for....<p>----------<br>rick<br>slager

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