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    Hi guys i need some help, i am putting a bid together for a park system. All together it is about 51 acres, they want fert and weed control. I need to know what you guys charge per bag on something like this, do you just do 1.5, 1.75, 2.0 times your cost or do you do something different. If i can get some help that would great.

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    51 acres. That's a pretty big job. Before you jump into to a bid on this are you able to do this big of a job. I took a look at your equipment that you listed and did not see anything to treat that kind of acreage. Something else you should consider is proper licensing and insurance. I'm not trying to discourage you. It's just that there are many things to consider before you get yourself into something you may not have the ability to do. Do you have the ability????????
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    I have every thing i need, i have all the licensing and such, i also will have a zspray or the such, that i we dont have to worry about. I know all of the stuff that i need, i just want to know if i am right with the price.
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    That what I was looking for. I would hate to see you bid on something like this and not be licensed, insured, and have the right equipment. What you need to do is figure your cost per acre for material, hours on site, difficulty of the job, overhead and an acceptable profit margin. Material cost can be figured by your cost per unit ( bag, gallon ...) Figure how many bags ( the coverage per 1k is usually on the bag) it will take to treat 1 acre then multiply that number by the number of acres to treat. This will give you material cost for your fertilizer. Do the same thing with the weed killer you will use. The label will tell you how much you will need to use to treat 1 acre. If your using a z-spray figure how long it will take to treat 1 acre so you will have some idea how many hours this job will take. Level of difficulty is something to consider also: Are there hills? Trees? Walks or drives to blow off? Will the park be closed to the public when you spray? Will you have to give pre notice of the application date(s). Anything that can slow you down needs to be taken into account. Overhead cost fuel, insurance, labor should all be added in from the time you leave your shop to the time the job is completed. After all this is figured you will have your cost per acre to do this job and your cost to treat the 51 acres. Add on your profit margin from here to get your total cost per acre. Don't fall victim by going by what other companies charge. That's insane! KNOW YOUR OWN COST!!!
  5. R & R Yard Designs

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    Is there any more advise that you guys could have for us, we are about to put the pen to the paper for this.
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    I look at big jobs in this manner. First I figure my material cost. Next estimate your time. This can be difficult if you do not have the experience. I would figure 3 acres/hr with a Z-Max. I cost my time based on what I make doing other lawns. I do not want to make less/hr for my time if I was doing other lawns. How busy are you? If I am slow I might go lower. If busy I hold my price. At the end of the day make sure it is worth your time.
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    I don't have any better answers, but would like to know how you went about estimating this job. I was approached to do a 30A condo area.
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    51 acres... material might run $20 per 10k.. approx 2 million sq ft.. = 200 bags of fert at $20 each.. $4000 material cost.

    Estimate TOTAL drive time X your hourly rate (mine is $55 per hour) =
    Estimate total payroll (don't forget taxes)
    Add overhead (mine is about $2 per 10k)

    Once you have all of that, you have your total cost.. (yes I know profit is built into the labor number... and SOME treatments will be less than $20 per 10k.. all of that is ok)

    So.. take you total cost and add whatever profit you want.. some do 40%... on big jobs like this, I personally look to make $1000 profit per day, so if it's going to take 16 hours, I would add 2 grand on top of the cost.. more if you think you can get by with it..

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