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    I am a little new to the site. Ok, I have seen 15,000 sq. ft. go for $150.00 ($10 per 1000 and about the same sq. ft. goes for 90 bucks... Why is there such a huge difference? I know the more clients you have the better your price can be but, I can't figure out the jump.

    Any comments?
  2. Frank Fescue

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    because everybody has different costs associated with applications. if you look at the size of the yard, how far you have to drive to get there, cost of product to you and amount of time it takes you to complete the application you're going to come up with different numbers than everybody else. you're not mass producing grilled cheese sandwiches.

    my costs for example are incredibly low because of my underhanded tactics i aquired from my uncle johnny "green thumb" marianelli before he went away to levenworth in 93" on an unrelated charge.

    skimp whenever possible, be aware a customer has no idea what you're putting down. add some lemon to your tank mix so it has an odor to it.
  3. jkoehler

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    :) thanks man!!! That lemon trick sounds like a good one. LOl
  4. BS1190

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    Well there are a lot of variables.

    How many applications per year. I would charge less per app for a 5 step program vs a 4 step program. Does the program include grub control? Some companies include core aeration or insect control.

    What how have to do is figure out your cost/overhead and how much money you want to make after all expenses. Then you have to show your customers why your price is the way it is.

    If you are on the higher side, you have to show the customer all the wonderful bells and whistles that it is coming with.

    If you are on the lower side, you can easily tell the customer that you want to give them a good value and you do not do anything routinely to the lawn that may not need it and that grub/insect/aeration can be purchased as add on packages if you feel the lawn needs it.

    I prefer to hear a customer tell me that I was outbid every once in the while. I don't want to be the highest, and I don't want to be lowest.

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    $90.00 each visit is where it should be for a 6 step program. That would be weed control and fert. The $150.00 is for a one time treatment.

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